Our Purpose

True ecological self-sufficiency begins in your body. The less you need, the more you have.

Nature is abundant and giving. Nature is the purest manifestation of God. Nature denies us nothing. This means that human beings can choose to exploit or conserve. Nature in its purity is infinite potential in form. Its manifestations are endless; when we exploit Nature, we are in fact limiting that potential.

God’s universe is one of balance. As human beings, we must realise our place again in that balance. Life on Earth can best be described as a rhythmic, balanced interchange of infinite motion, with human beings positively or negatively charged.

If one can determine, through awareness, one’s own charge in relation to the whole and surrender it, one can come back to Total and Infinite balance. When these dual energies of  male and female are unbalanced, the resulting conflict unbalances the Whole.

To establish true ecological harmony, Man must re-establish within himself the balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

This leads one to explore all options for re-harmonizing these energies. Through surrendering our terrestrial life over to God, we are in effect doing exactly this. All conflicting male and female energies inside ourselves are transcended by the neutralising Presence of our Almighty Father. This is the basic mechanism at play in human endeavours: a friction is generated between these energies, ensuing in conflict and division creating pain and suffering.

Upon recognising this, one can raise awareness and ask for forgiveness, surrendering all back to God and discovering original sin – that of the dual split in consciousness. In this awareness, all conflicts are transcended and one’s Soul is again brought back into harmony with God.

This is happening on a continuum based solely on one’s needs.





When human beings require fewer resources to live a good, happy, simple way of life, their needs are less. This brings a greater harmony with the Whole, and less conflict with each other.