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Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


Edenhope is a place where people live together in nature, established in 2010 by Ruth and Steve Quinto for the purpose of realizing Mankind’s pristine origins. We are located on the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

Here as a community, we explore our relationship with one another and the natural world.  The sole purpose of Edenhope is to provide a space for individuals to find a greater harmony with nature; through exploring how we relate with one other, we rediscover our harmony with the whole universe.

We are a nature-based school in a pristine rainforest setting, full of exotic species yet to be discovered, cures for every kind of ailment and abiding in the magical quality of an untouched natural habitat. Here you can really rediscover your Self .

We offer an Outreach programme consisting of education and water projects to assist our surrounding villages and provide conservation-based education for the West Coast Santo Mountain Chain – a globally-recognised Biodiversity Hot Spot.

We are realizing that every kind of religious structure is incomplete when it fails to take into consideration its ultimate connection with the natural world. Here we offer the opportunity for people to immerse themselves for long retreats away from the the disturbances inherent in society today.

We have recently completed a pathway into the mountains, which takes one away from the world of thoughts and ideas to a remote part of the Santo Mountain Chain. Here you can live away from the distractions of daily life, close to a source of pure running water coming straight out of the mountainside.

Our land is a gift from God that we care for and nurture, bringing forth an abundance of fruits and vegetables to feed and nourish our community and each other. Life here is Pure in every way.


Our water comes fresh from mountain springs and we live in self-contained bungalows complete with all amenities.

We are here living the essence of community with truly loving human beings, living in harmony with love and appreciation of the natural world.