come home to nature


Edenhope is a space for living to one’s highest potential.

This is a place to come to feel inspired, creative, joyful, grounded, nourished and at peace with all and everything.
It is our home in nature, faraway from the pressures and stresses of society at large. Our way of life is a vibrant work-in-progress.

Established in 2010 by Ruth and Stephen Quinto, Edenhope is located on the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation. Our 800-hectare parcel of land is a certified Conservation Area and Nature Preserve.

This is a place where dreams and reality make an artful merger. It’s a place to come home to the silence of just being.

We are united in our understanding that it is possible and necessary to live in harmony with nature and at peace with each other. This is the abiding value that underscores our daily life.

We share a journey of awakening: to Life, to Nature, to the Eternal Presence that flows through every living thing.

Our cabins and bungalows blend in with the forest scenery, constructed alongside a crystalline river. Our gardens blend in with luxuriant tropical undergrowth

We prefer an organic vegan diet, rich in tropical fruits and local Vanuatu delicacies.

Clear, honest, free communication is a foundational value here; a sense of integrity and inner responsiveness to the needs of others is vital in such a space as we are holding here, and essential to maintaining the sense of peace and harmony.